Hello, welcome to Quiky! Quiky is a personal wiki, where you can write your ideas, memos and stories. And blogs and websites, in the future.

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Why do I have to switch to edit view and can't edit the text when I see it?
The main premise is, that user will behave differently in view and edit modes. Wikis you create are designated mostly for future reading.

Why is the app ugly?
I always make feature rich and quite eye candy apps, but I almost never ship (because I got drowned in the amount of code).
This time I decided to do it properly and with KISS approach ("Keep It Simple, Stupid!"), so I defined a roadmap with a few features in every new version.
The very first version is just a "just enough" basic functionality. I made no tweaks in appearence and just a few in usability.

Why is the website ugly?
I'd say it's rather just simple, I tried the same approach, as with the app. The website is in fact web-based Quiky. In the future, users will be able to edit their wikis here.
It's already in working stage, but only for a single user.

Where is my mobile app? Is gonna be ugly?
Well, it depends. I'm planning to make an app for iOS and Android, which both looks OK in the basic form. So probably it won't be so ugly.

What's the point of this anyway?
You probably mean we have Evernote or OneNote for such purposes. Yes, I'm aware of (not only) them. But I really miss styles (like headings) in Evernote and OneNote is awfuly huge. My target is Wunderlist - simple and small, but powerful.

What is QetriX?
It's a multiplatform software foundation for working with semantic data, which I designed in recent years.

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